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        Company profile

        Huzhou Dibang textile co., Ltd was founded in 2010,located in Zhejiang Huzhou which is a beautiful city near Shanghai(1.5 hours by car). We are professional fabric supplier (poplin,satin,twill,corduroy,linen etc.)& garment manufacturer(shirts,shorts,socks,scarf etc). Since 2015,we got the awards of the Zhejiang key culture enterprises, Zhejiang culture creativity outstanding enterprises etc. We has rich experience in digital printing,rotary printing and can make high quality products(such as Organic fabric with GOTS certificate & Oeko-tex100) which mainly export to Europe such as Germany&France.We also have good cooperation with many domestic brands in China. Dibang wish can be your good partner which can help your business by providing development service,quick response & high quality products.

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